Corporate Usability Maturity

From the "king of usability" Jabob Nielsen (who uses the title "User Advocate") two posts describing the way organizations progress through a sequence of stages as their usability processes evolve and mature. Because the sequence is fairly universal, you can match your own organization with the following descriptions to see what your next stage is likely to be.

Stages 1-4:

Stage 1: Hostility Toward Usability
Stage 2: Developer-Centered Usability
Stage 3: Skunkworks Usability
Stage 4: Dedicated Usability Budget

Stages 5-8:

Stage 5: Managed Usability
Stage 6: Systematic Usability Process
Stage 7: Integrated User-Centered Design
Stage 8: User-Driven Corporation

Companies can gradually move from one stage to another (you can't skip stages, just like the CMM). Nielsen gives estimates for the time needed to move up.

I wonder why Nielsen decided to go for eight stages and whether he has a mapping to the CMM (of CMMI) levels. Anyone?


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