Postings: Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design
Moving on and making place …

Patterns & Patterns

Sixty-three Habits

Dilbert on doing Requirements before Design

The waterfall process is back!

Some OOP and Design Pattern Resources

Feature Driven Development

The 8 Types of Navigation Pages

Value-Centered Design

**LOTS*** of resources for web design

Understanding the limited value of Wireframes

Good Designer Redesign, Great Designers Realign


The value of breadcrumbs

Do's and don’ts for Technical Leads

Traceability Management through Use Cases

A quick introduction to LINQ by Anders Hejlsberg

Just because you aren't at PDC, doesn't mean you can't get the slides.

How to create a user-friendly website for the typical web visitor

Cross-Browser Compatibility Checking

User Interface Design – some (very) bad designs

User Interface Patterns and Techniques

Oracle's design patterns make Sahil Malik say YUCK!

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Services Platforms, 2005

Modeling service-oriented solutions with RUP

Crossing the chasm

Tips and examples for artifact types used for (Agile) Modeling

Best practice: code talking!

Do we need design specs anyway?

Tools with UML 2 support

Stu Nicholls can learn you *a lot* on css

Grady Booch on Rational's development strategy and the competition from Microsoft

Thin, Thick and Smart clients – what's the difference

Chris Anderson – Video of this architect explaining the Avalon architecture


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