Getting Software Projects Back on Track

In the last years I read lots of books on software engineering and consumed hundreds of best practices describing how to get a good start and to keep your project on track. Most software engineering books target on keeping your project out of trouble.

A book that I read (more than once) from cover to cover is the Software Project Survival Guide from Steve McConnell, which also deals with staying out of trouble and even includes a thorough test to check the health of your project (the test is available online at As Steve states, this is a difficult test for most projects as many will only score "Fair" and many will score "At Risk".

I recently ran into a book that focusses on getting software projects back on track.

E.M. Bennatan shows how to:

  • Evaluate where your project really stands
  • Align your project’s developers, managers, and customers
  • Define the minimum acceptable project goals that are achievable
  • Replan your project to successfully deliver the new minimum goals
  • Identify risks in your revised project and create effective contingency plans
  • Install an “early warning system” to keep your rescued project from slipping back toward catastrophe

A sample chapter of the book is available.


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