project management professional certification

Abrachan Pudussery, coach and trainer of project management professional certification, has several posts with information pertaining to PMP certification.His latest post, How PMBOK help in product development projects? , includes a table mapping some key aspect of product development projects and the linkage to the project management body of knowledge based on which the Project Management Professional examination is based.

I found two photographs …

Abrachan Pudussery

Abrachan Pudussery again


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  1. Just about twenty four hours ago, I discovered the subject of becoming a PMP certified. An interesting subject that consist of an aparent structure of performance, knowledge, and application. It appears that this knowledge could be basically applied to all types of business activities with perhaps some modifications.

    Without a college degree, can the independent study type of individual learn and master every one of the skills necessary to be competitive as a certified PMP in the market place? In addition, lets say an individual functioned as a paratransit driver for over a decade and acquired a useful intelligence of operations in the field.

    With the ability to study, learn, and apply rather quickly information, the driver now recognizes the importance of now utilizating this experience in supervision or management. How useful will or can the driver utilize his thorough understanding of his profession as a paratransit driver in transition to becoming a certified PMP?

    Any recommendations or advice or concerns?

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