The Capability Im-Maturity Model (CIMM)

The CMM gives a scale to indicate the software engineering capability in an organization, ranging from chaos at level 1 to fully defined, managed and optimized processes at level 5.

Level 1 is the default level you get, but sometimes you wonder whether an organization is worth this default …

In CIMM, the Capability Im-Maturity Model, you can get lower …

  • 0   : Negligent
  • -1 : Obstructive
  • -2 : Contemptuous
  • -3 : Undermining


  1. Hey Harry,

    You missed one. The other way round there are 5 levels.

    Might I suggest level:

    -4: Downright destructive

  2. Khamitian said

    You just hit home !! I totally agree and that would probably explain why most projects go nowhere.

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