Bad capacitors reason for not blogging

Bad capacitorsLast months I experienced lots of unexplainable problems with my computer.

Programs crashed, data got lost, the computer went slower and slower and at the end also frequent BSOD’s (Blue Screen Of Death) and reboots.

With three upgrowing daughters being very active on MSN and Hives, I spent lots of evenings trying to solve the problem.

I installed, deinstalled and reinstalled all suspicious programs, updated drivers, installed extra virus scanners, tested and changed memory, you name it.

All this problem solving took all of my free time and prevented me from blogging for a while.

At last, the problem was pinpointed as a bad capacitors problem with my Dell GX270.

This is the only Dell model having thes faulty capacitors, and consequently having this problem. The capacitors get overheated and leak this orange fluid from the top. Knowing this really helps googling and finding out thousands of people are having the same problem.

As the computer was still under support, and the problem was obvious, the solution was simple. Within 15 minutes, a service technision from Dell (actually Dell hired a collegue of mine from Getronics) replaced the motherboard. He said he had eight more of these motherboards to go that day.

As the bad motherboard resulted in some bad files and other problems on disk, I installed a new disk and reinstalled all my programs.

Now I’m back, up and running, so lets continue blogging!


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