Blogging for PR

My former company InfoSupport allowed her employees to have their own weblog at the company blogsite. For everyone who wanted to start blogging an account was set up enabling the employee to share theire knowledge with the world.

Some employees were unable to produce more than a couple of entries, but others produced a continous stream of information. The counters on the pages indicated that the information was interesting for readers worldwide. I believe that writing a blog is a way to establish yourself as a “thought leader“. A blog will help you become thought of as an expert in your field.
At InfoSupport, we discovered that people reading the posts became interested in joining the company, and clients became interested in working with the company. To my belief, that’s good P.R.

My current company, Getronics, does not yet have a company weblog, so I’m using my personal weblog at WordPress now.

Rich Ord wrote an interesting post on Blogging for PR which I will quote here:

Why Blog For PR?

According to a report at the Web 2.0 conference there are now over “4.1 million blogs around the world with a new blog created every 7.4 seconds”. However, there are only about 5000 company blogs. That leaves a lot of room for you to stake your niche and gain valuable exposure.

An article in BusinessWeek highlighting blogs new importance to companies states, “Blogs or websites with content management systems are changing the model for companies, we really now have to engage customers on a one on one level”. With Microsoft leading the way, corporations have accepted blogging as an integral part of public relations. Companies now recognize the need to talk to their clients and potential clients in a more intelligent and unbiased way.

Business blog expert Wayne Hurlbert sums up the reason to blog for PR, “A rapidly growing number of journalists and editors are reading blogs on a daily basis. It’s becoming imperative that a company start a blog to keep up with that trend”.


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