how – not – to make a process work for you

Anti patternGary Pollice (“I’m the one with the head”) publised an interesting article on anti-patterns for process adoption in the Rational Edge.

At Getronics in the Netherlands we’re in the middle of adopting our process. We first documented our RUP-based “Getronics Development Process” using IBM Rational Method Composer. We documented some additions and our Getronics best practices and were appraised at CMMI level 2 last December. Now we’re rolling out the process and are facing two views on the way to go ahead.

One group wants to keep moving and go for CMMI level 3 right on. An other group wants to first take all our energy to get level 2 rolled out first, before moving on.

Reading the article from Gary, I would say we’re hitting the “Take all the medicine at once” anti-pattern if we try to move on to level 3 right away. In short, the antipattern says process changes take time, so it is better not to do everything all at once, but to do small process improvements at a time. For our situation, that would mean it is wise to roll out level 2 first!

BookMore anti-patterns can be found in Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development. Gary Pollice did a review of the book, another review is at


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