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Busy, busy, busy

Last months I was too busy to keep up blogging, but better times are coming!

I have spent lots of time getting things organized for my mother. After a long wait we found a good place for her in a home for elderly right here at Nijmegen (Netherlands) at 10  minutes biking from my place.

So last months we did her removal to Nijmegen, emptied my mothers house, sold lots of furniture and other things on internet and finally, this week,  sold the house.

For my company, Getronics, I also participated in a trip to our offshoring partner Mindtree in India. That made another busy week with long, interesting days. I must say that I’m really excited about the things I saw at Mindtree. I’ll blog on that soon.

Tomorrow night I’ll deliver a presentation on our Indian trip (Getronics organizes an Indian Night with food and presentations). I’m having 40 sheets, 30 minutes, expect 20 questions and have 10 long answers. Not exactly the 10-20-30 rule on presenting from Guy Kawasaki.

After that, I’m going to take it easy for a couple of evenings, read some articles and books (especially Karl Wieger’s More about Software Requirements) and pick up blogging again.

See you all soon



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