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… And moved back to InfoSupport again

After two years and three months I’m happy to announce that I’m back at InfoSupport again.

In those two years I did some interesting work at Getronics on their Getronics Delivery Process (a RUP based Software Factory), worked on several project for the Dutch Taxservice, participated in several CMMI appraisals and was given the opportunity to take a close look at Getronics Indian development partner Mindtree. My one week visit to their office at Bangalore was a real eye-opener for me and was the beginning of several close personal relationships.

When I left InfoSupport some two years ago, the option to return was explicitly kept open and I’m glad to be back as a member of the Infosupport Professional Development Center.

My first two weeks are interesting from the start. I participated as a scribe in a SCAMPI-C CMMI level 3 Assesment supporting the Lead Appraiser Simon Porro from SPI Partners. Next job is working together with Ivar Jacobson International on process improvement using EssUp.

I wil pick up blogging and jumping to conclusions right now at

Hope to see you all back there.

Harry Nieboer


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