About Harry Nieboer

Welcome to my weblog, let me introduce myself:

My name is Harry Nieboer and I work as a Systems Analist in The Netherlands. My working field is mainly on Systems Analysis, Requirements Management en Process Engineering. Ever since I started studying Informatics at the university of Nijmegen I was interested in Software Engineering and the role of tools and methodologies in software projects.

After my study I worked six years as programmer/designer for my first employer. Info Support is my second employer for twelf years now, and Getronics PinkRoccade will be my third employer as of june 2006.

As a certified RUP and Requirements consultant I’m happy to stand with two feet in the mud working on RUP projects doing Use Cases. This first-hand experience is very helpfull while teaching (Rational) RUP and Requirements Management courses.

This blog will feature posts both in English and (some) in Dutch (my native language). The posts will mostly be small, reflecting the problems I encountered working or coaching and the solutions I thought to be appropriate. I will try to share with you the arguements I considered leading to the choosen solution. That reflects the way I tend to give answers to questions in the courses I teach. I tend to give answers and to be clear about the assumptions I made which lead to the conclusion.

Feel free to post any comments if you like.

Contact Harry at [harrynieboer at planet dot nl]

Harry maintains a profile on LinkedIn. If you join LinkedIn (for free), there is more information available.

View Harry Nieboer's profile on LinkedIn


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