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Visual Studio 2005: See the difference

Microsoft took some effort to promote Visual Studio 2005.

Take a look at the 400+ differences, like:

144 Better ASP.NET Source Code Editing – Edit faster, eat better

195 Bug list – Automated debugging. Keeps code tidy. (one of Erno‘s favourites)

212 Operator overloading – Goodbuy struggle, Hello joy

The even made a game about spotting the differences


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Storyboarding RIA

Some time ago I blogged on wireframing or prototyping.

Bill Scott blogged on doing storyboards for his applications with Visio. Specifically he talks about a new challenge: how do we document Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), where users interact directly within the page and feedback is immediat, as opposed to the “traditional” Paged Internet Applications (PIAs), where users enter information and link to another page.

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Mickey, Daisy and Goofy do some marketing

I love his posts more and more …

In How to get people talking about your product, Erik Sink starts off with a discussion on how NOT to do marketing, and subsequently glides into a discussion on the most favourite version control systems.

In that part, he reveals why a particular version control got a great word-of-mouth and ended high on the ranking.

Worth reading!

More marketing on Gartenberg’s three laws of consumer electronics

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Combining agile and offshore development

In optimizing processes IT organizations turned to offshore development OR to agile development, but not both.

That seems logical, as offshoring means no developer/customer interaction (whereas agile means intense interaction) and offshoring means heavy documentation (whereas agile means light documentation).

Surprisingly, the two can be combined successfully. 

Martin Fowler made a trip to India and came back with useful tips on agile offshore development.

Matt Simons describes problems and benefits of agile approaches in offshore situations:

  1. The Challenges of Offshore Development
  2. How Agile Concepts Make Offshore Harder
  3. How Agile Concepts Make Offshore Easier
  4. How to Succeed at Offshore Agile Development
  5. Is it Worth the Effort?

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Users stuck in permanent beginner mode

 Kathy Sierra on users stuck in permanent beginner mode. And that’s more of a design problem than a users problem. Very interesting to read, read the comments (*a lot*) too!

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NO! – Bad User!!!

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Smarter File Downloads in ASP.NET

Joe Stagner presents some solutions for file downloading, other than providing a link to af file location. These other solutions are interesting if:

  • you want the file to be downloaded as a file rather than shown as content in the browser
  • you don’t yet know the path to the files
  • you need to worry about your users losing connectivity during large downloads. 

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