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Problems running Borland Together 2006 on Virtual PC

At Getronics we’re using the Borland toolset. As Borland released Together 2006 for Visual Studio 2005 several weeks ago, we decided to install it and to try it out.

As we’re doing projects for multiple clients at the same time, we make use of Virtual PC’s for trying out new software. VPC’s are used for real development too.

Up till now, Together 2006 for Visual Studio 2005 installed right on Virtual PC, but running the program (especially with UML 2.0 diagrams) always results in a complete program crash after several mouseclicks. Situations I tried were creating a new Togethet UML 2.0 project and adding some packages or adding a diagram.

I tried running the software on two different VPC’s (One WindowsXP Professional, the other Windows 2003) on several machines (laptops, desktop), but always crashed after several clicks.

Curious if any of you have similar problems.


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Tools with UML 2 support

More and more tools with UML2 support are emerging. Currently, however, UML 1.x is still dominating the tools market.

Some tools are listed on – UML tools.
Some arguments on NOT using UML2 and the (fierce) reaction of Andrew Watson (technical director at OMG) on that (scroll halfway the article for Andrew's reaction) are worthwhile reading.
An older but thorough review on UML tools (not the UML2 ones) is available on the site of Mario Jeckle ( who died last year but whose site is kept alive.

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