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The Capability Im-Maturity Model (CIMM)

The CMM gives a scale to indicate the software engineering capability in an organization, ranging from chaos at level 1 to fully defined, managed and optimized processes at level 5.

Level 1 is the default level you get, but sometimes you wonder whether an organization is worth this default …

In CIMM, the Capability Im-Maturity Model, you can get lower …

  • 0   : Negligent
  • -1 : Obstructive
  • -2 : Contemptuous
  • -3 : Undermining

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CMMI Horror Stories

"Does CMMI benefit the customer? Several recent program failures from organizations claiming high maturity levels have caused some to doubt whether CMMI improves the chances of a successful project. Is CMMI flawed? Is the staged representation bad? Or is there a more fundamental explanation?"

Rick Hefner presented CMMI Horror Stories this year on the SEPG 2006 (annual conference on Software and Systems process) and was one of the presenters that got top ratings from attendees. The presentation is available as PDF.

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How are your analysts doing?

Now that's timing! I started this week at my new job at Getronics PinkRoccade and will divide my time between doing regular projects and working on Software Engineering Process Improvement. We'll define the processes, set up measurement and determine  how succesful we are and how we can become even better.

Just at the same time Marcus decided to post about a related subject. 

He concluded that you can measure the success of business analysts on three basic areas:

  • Quality (how good are your deliverables)
  • Time (how well do you meet expectations)
  • Resources (e.g. do you facilitate understanding across the business and IT teams)

Marcus references several of his earlier posts.

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Data Warehouse Project Management

Hari Mailvaganam developed a Data Warehouse Project Management methodology that ties in with the Rational Unified Process (RUP). This is especially useful if the data warehousing project is part of a greater development effort which follows RUP.

In this post he lists the activities performed in the RUP phases.

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Adobe Reader Speed-Up

Tired of waiting for your Adobe Acrobat Reader to load? 

Frustrated when you click on a PDF link in a web browser, as it will hang the entire browser?

Peter's Adobe Reader Speed-Up points you to a free Adobe Reader Speed-Up utility

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Safe sex involves a risk log and contingency plan

From the blog of Abrachan Pudussery, just for laugh.html 

  • Top 10 Signs You’re a Project Manager
  • Top 10 Things a Project Manager Should Never Say to a Customer
  • Top 10 Things You’ll Never Hear From a Project Manager
  • You know it is time to get out of Project Management when…

When you scan the blog, you might even find a nice photo of a Cowasaki.


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project management professional certification

Abrachan Pudussery, coach and trainer of project management professional certification, has several posts with information pertaining to PMP certification.His latest post, How PMBOK help in product development projects? , includes a table mapping some key aspect of product development projects and the linkage to the project management body of knowledge based on which the Project Management Professional examination is based.

I found two photographs …

Abrachan Pudussery

Abrachan Pudussery again

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